'Rope Burn' CD


'Rope Burn' CD


Released April, 2015

Track List:

1. Volfkiller
2. Dorothy Gale
3. 13 Steps
4. Beautiful Corpse
5. Wanted Man in Hell
6. Late Shift
7. Dance with the Devil8. Grab a Jug
9. The Undertaker
10. Jezebellion
11. Asylum Blues
12. Forest of Bloodthirsty Unicorns
13. Gal of Sorro

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Hailing from the school of Tom Waits, they graduated with honours and a masters in macabre melodies! I’ve enjoyed the jug band since first being introduced to them; I’ve sung their praises before with their last EP’s and Rope Burn won’t find me snapping their albums or disparaging them any time soon.
— Alice Roques rockrevoltmagazine.com
Most CD’s have a few mediocre songs that you might skip past, but you will not have that issue with this one. I can listen to this one from track 1 all the way to track 13 and then just let it repeat and start over.
— Zombie Hayes (hayeshudsonshouseofhorror)
The Bloody Jug Band really puts on a showcase with this record. It’s not just one sided, it has so many layers, that you’re going to want to listen over and over again. This creative reach makes “Rope Burn” one of the best records I’ve heard in a while.
— Sel Out Records - A Music Review Blog