Beautiful Corpse


Directed by Steven Shea of Abyssmal Entertainment Produced by Randy Molnar & Melissa Gruver Shot by Chris McDaniel Starring: LeeAnna Vamp, J. LaRose & Aj Nickell Synopsis: Follow a young mortuary makeup artist as she finds romance in the most unlikeliest of places...

Late Shift


Directed by Karen Stephenson Produced by John Theisen, Jessica Mariko, Dakota Butts & Karen Stephenson Edited by Steven Shea Intro/Outro Composed by Rob Reider Synopsis: The Bloody Jug Band transports to the 1980's to weave a tale of good versus evil and love conquering all...

Grab a Jug


Filmed & Edited by: Karen Stephenson (@dustybibles) Synopsis: Take a candid look at the Bloody Jug Band & their JUG-ly Antics during a Long Weekend of Camping & Performing at the 2015 Antemesaris Peace Festival; Held at the Maddox Ranch (Lakeland, FL).


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